Norwegian Design the Milan Furniture Fair 2015

INSIDENORWAY exhibit a broader selection than earlier at this years Salone de Mobile. Four companies exhibit designer blankets, beds and mattresses, recliners and office furniture. Chairs and recliners have traditionally been the main products from Norwegian companies in the international market. This year's news in this category is the re-launch of the VAD-Convair chair - from 1972. Ther chair was designed by Oddmund Vad. Else: Refined designer blankets inspired by the country's traditional dresses – Bunads are a very visible part of this year's presentation. Scandinavian Sleeping is represented by high end manufacturer for good and healthy sleep; Jensen. Last but not least – the company Scan Sørlie is debuting In Milan at this year's INSIDENORWAY in Milan – showcasing office furniture by many categories. Dowload photos

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JENSEN - Highres photo

Jensen is the largest bed and mattress manufacturer in Norway. As a representative of the "Scandinavian sleeping" the company is focusing on the importance of good sleep for wellbeing and good health. Jensen is part of the international mattress conglomerate Hilding Anders, manufacturing all their products in Norway, in highly modern facilities. All products being shipped out of the facilities in Svelvik in southern Norway is quality and environmentally tested according to the test regime of Norwegian

An important feature in the Jensen mattresses is the zone system for support for the entire body when at rest. It provides support for the curve of the back, in combination with a soft shoulder zone, which is the key to an optimal sleep experience. The zone system is based on self-evident and natural principles. Most people are broader in the hip and shoulder areas and narrower and heavier around the waist. Given that the main purpose of the mattress is to effectively support the body, the division into zones provides more equal and comfortable support where the shoulders and hips sink deeper into the mattress, with firmer support for the narrower and heavier waist area. The effect is the same irrespective of whether you lie on your back or on your side.

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VAD - highres photo

Located on the scenic North-West coast of Norway, VAD is now on the hands of fifth generation in handcraft and furniture production. Based on strong local knowledge and experience, they seek to fulfill international ambitions offering Scandinavian design with high level of comfort, function and expertise. With Scandinavian roots they provide unique products and customers shall receive ergonomic products with elegant design and superb comfort. VAD is Value Added Design in real life!

VAD is currently working on several interesting projects, of which one is to be launched in Milan; the re-launch of the classic Convair chair from 1972. The chair is at true representative for the Scandinavian Design era, it was even called "the best of Scandinavian Design by a Japanese newspaper when shown at the Norwegian furniture fair in 1972.  


MANDAL VEVERI - Highres photos

is one of Norway's leading manufacturers of woolen goods. Bunad Blankets (Bunadspledd) is a series of blankets launched during the London Design Festival, September 2012. The first Bunad Blankets we will show are based on bunad motifs from five different regions in Norway; Setesdal, Nordland, Fusa, Bringeklut from West Telemark, and mens bunad from Sunnmøre. In january 2014 Mandal Veveri launched two new designs
The inspiration for the Bunad Blanket came from the traditional Norwegian dress – The Bunad. These costumes are carried by women in Norway celebrating weddings, baptisms and above all the national day at 17th of May. The abundance of colors, stripes and details inspired the designer Andreas Engesvik who composed patterns in the different local color mix on a surface.
The Bunad Blanket is a new product category that encompasses recognizable aspects from the bunad tradition. Bunads are composed of color in proportion - that means composition and disposition of surfaces. The bunad is further composed in a series of different materials and techniques such as embroidery, detail seam, pearls, wool, linen, metal and so on. The Bunad Blankets represents a simplification and transferring of the Norwegian folk costumes. The Bunad Blanket introduces this rich tradition into our daily environments and interiors.
The blankets have a good balance between weight and function (not too thick) and it drapes nicely. It is an all-year blanket, to be used both at home and in the summer/winter cabin.
Mandal Weaving Mill produces contemporary design products.  A century of experience has provided unique expertise within textiles, and Mandal Weaving Mill is today recognized for its high quality output.



Scan Sørlie is a furniture manufacturer with a long history and tradition making  office furniture in a broad variety of categories. Today's office environment demands a lot more than a desk and a chair – and Scan Sørlie can meet most demands. The company is launching the new high back sofa Mr. BOX in Milan this year. Mr. Box is a sofa for resting areas, lobbies and places for informal meetings. With adjustable seating  height it can even be used in canteens and restaurants. Like all upholstery furniture from Scand Sørlie Mr.Box can be dressed in a great variety of textiles. And like most couches it is planned like a modular seating systems giving the customers choices on how to use – in different rooms and for different purposes.

Scan Sørlie is and has been working with the best of Norwegian designers.  - The products I am developing, maintains a high level of function, comfort and quality. Strong identity (design) is also an important factor in the furniture, to make the expression itself connected to the name, easily recognized in the market, says designer Tor Wroldsen. - My Products offers flexibility in terms of color, upholstery and different surfaces. That way the consumer gets a personalized design and individual character to his interior. This counts for a lot of the furniture from Scan Sørlie. 


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